About me

I was born on the 14th of Jan 1973.

Here’s some family pics.

Herbie. Son. Best ever.

Ray. Daughter. Light of life.

Maame Serwah and Grandma Nance.

Me, mum and Grandpa Elliott

First day of school

Me, Grandpa E and Grandma Caryl

Grandma C.

Brother Parker.

Sister Oona

Brother Nick

Dad. Very missed.

Work stuff-

Gus Van Sant Book, 1993

(that’s me in the middle bottom) ;)

Cover of The Face, March 1985

The 12 inch picture vinyl of some video or other, 1987ish

My first hit as a songwriter

Another one

Some of the artists I worked with while I was working at EMI Music Pub

21 Responses to About me

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  6. Adam says:

    You need to get reCAPTCHA and Akismet on here bud. And I like the blog btw. : )

  7. thereviewer says:

    What’s Lana like? I’m curious. did you know her Lizzie Grant?

  8. Hi Felix,

    Mark Downing here from AMA Music in Dublin.
    I met you some time ago in your office in london regarding Noise Control if you recall.

    I am hosting a ” Music Seminar in Dublin March / April 2012
    I would like to invite you over to be a guest speaker, [ Return Flight , expenses, Transfers and Hotel all paid for and covered by us]

    The concept of the show is to bring REAL music industry people to help advise and educate young musicians and inspire them.I know you would be a brilliant and perfect guest speaker and would be honored if you would join us.

    Simply some Q and A’s and give the kids some advice!
    Would you be interested?

    All the best.

    Kind Regards,

    Mark Downing
    AMA Music Agency
    Managing Director
    Mobile + 353 86 2504 795 | Office +353 1 – 201 – 3660 | Fax+ 353 1 285 1052
    Address | AMA Music Agency | The Gate Lodge Fitzpatricks Castle Hotel, Killiney Co.Dublin | Ireland


  9. Love the family photos… hope you are flourishing big man… a prosperous and happy New Year to you and yours…

  10. Susan Dilbert says:

    Is your mom, Nancy Adler from East Rockaway, Ny? About 61 now?

  11. Abdul Hamid says:

    I love all the people you have worked with. I didn’t realise how many artists you have worked with are actually in my Itunes (Sugababes, Lana Del Rey, Hurts and of course my fave singer Amy Winehouse RIP) I hope you are working on the new Sugababes album. These photos are great aswell.

  12. olivia deane says:

    Hi Felix,

    Little message from Nelly Duff to say your frame is ready to collect :)

    Many thanks,


  13. Felix Tibbs says:

    Liked your pictures!

  14. Dear Mr. Howard,

    It is my hope that my email finds you well.

    I am writing to you because I have just commenced my final year of university at the London College of Fashion, where I am studying Fashion Journalism. In my final year, I am to put together a final project that can be a portfolio, magazine or website. I have opted to create a book or what I am calling an inventory of imagery and words that will pay homage to Ray Petri and the Buffalo Collective.

    The primary research I have discovered thus far has been informative and really shed some light on just how much impact Ray and the Buffalo Collective has left on society, especially the fashion industry.

    As a member of the Buffalo Collective I was hoping I might arrange a time to meet with you to discuss not only Ray, but your involvement and contributions as well to the collective’s vision. I have been intrigued at the compilation of information on your website and want to learn more about what you are doing now and what has become of the Buffalo vision.

    I believe dialogue with the authentic voices will help breathe life into this project and I hope I have been able to convey why a conversation with you would not only be appreciated, but would serve as an invaluable asset to the research and the project.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.


    *Zadrian Smith

  15. paul nelson says:

    was just looking through some old face magazines to do some cool t shirts and the iconic “felix” cover just jumped out, had to find out what happened to you, great to see you stayed in the industry.

  16. Nona London says:

    Hi Felix,
    I came across these pics. I am your grandmother Caryl’s first cousin. I recently moved to Fl and saw here a few days ago along with Russell’s two daughters.. I expect to see your mom when she gets here this winter. Your kids are beautiiful. i was just admireing them looking at the pics in Caryl’s house. Good luck with your new business ventures….
    Cousin Nona

  17. Nona London says:

    So sorry about Caryl. I loved her and she was very special as you know. I was at the beach memorial on a perfect beach day(which she would have loved)!!! Met your brother Parker for the first time. Hope to see mom again when she returns to Fl.
    Best wishes,
    Cousin Nona

  18. Katherine Murphy says:

    Dear Felix

    I wonder if you might be able to help me? I’ve seen a photo on your website that I’d like to put in a plate section of a book I’m currently working on. It’s a photo of Ray Petri.

    If you wouldn’t mind contacting me, I’d be much obliged.

    Best wishes
    Katherine Murphy

  19. denisa says:

    Hi Felix! i was thinking of you and looked u up on google and fcame up your page here and i didnt know u wrote overload!!!! Coool!!! so i tried to find you on FB but i couldnt find u actually.

    bye :-)

    p.s u have beautiful children btw ;-)

  20. Gilbert Riveta says:

    Dear Howard,I think you are an amazing songwriter.Keep up the good work.I really admire you<3

  21. Miranda Francis says:

    Hi Felix, Miranda here, your old bass teacher from way back at Pimlico. I would love to hear from you.

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